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I am an empath, and this means that I sense energy, receive images, messages, and symbols, and have a sense of knowing what is correct information.

In other words, I will just know something without needing any facts about what I know.

How does it work?

I work with guides in meditation, and I connect with your soul with your permission as well as the permission from your guide(s). I then bring information to you that will assist your soul in its development.

With energy healing I will address the underlying energy patterns with the goal of bringing balance and harmony within the energy field of the person. When the body’s energy field is balanced and flowing without disruption, the body can naturally heal itself.

Please take note that this does not replace medical care, but might be complementary to it.

I may receive messages, feelings, or symbols from the guide(s) which I will then interpret for you.

I do not foretell the future simply because we have free will and choice and this affects the future every minute of the day.

I also do not connect with people that has passed over, although I may be given messages or symbols from them which I will then discuss with you.

You need to have a question or questions in mind - things that you need guidance on, or want to know what decision needs to be made for your development.

This may have to do with achieving your goals, with your health, or your wellbeing.

My Vision

To inspire humanity to live better lives through service and the development of their own spirit to create service oriented communities.

My Mission

To help people grow through uncovering or developing their own spiritual intelligence through the practical application of spiritual tools and knowledge.


You are having a session voluntarily and the sessions are not a substitute for medical care and consultation. It is a supportive and integrative system that is complementary to treatment by a Licensed Health Care Provider.

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