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Would you like to do a course in self-realisation (Sahaja yoga)?


Sahaja Yoga means born with The Divine

Sahaja: Born With and Yoga: The Divine


Within each of us exists a dormant spiritual energy.

In fact, everyone of us is a spiritual being in an earthly (physical) body.


You can experience it: the realization of the Highest Self, the unity of all faith and

oneness of man, the peace of God “which passeth all understanding”.


You may well ask: What is in it for me?



Sahaja yoga meditation (self-realisation) is an effective solution to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical problems of modern times.


Sahaja yoga meditation has demonstrated positive results in several research areas including health, education, etc.


Vrederus Clinic will present the next Sahaja Yoga course in the near future.

The details are as follows:


Duration of the course: 6 weeks (1 day per week for about an hour)

Cost: Free of charge!

Time and date:  Saturday 22 January 2011 at 10:00.

Where:  Vrederus Clinic



If you are interested to book your place, contact Laetitia van der Merwe

                                                    Tel:     012 371 3763

                                                   Cell:     072 406 3145

                                                   Cell:     076 954 8165



For directions to Vrederus Clinic see the map on the Contact us page.



20 January 2010: Vrederus Clinic launches Downloads page.

We are very excited about our new Downloads page on our website. Visit the Downloads page regularly to download news letters, articles, books, and other health related items.


13 November 2009: The Centre - Latest update.

We are expanding our business and as part of this expansion we are developing a new holistic health centre as an extension of our existing facilities.


The Centre will offer the following:





The current plan is to open The Centre at the end of 2009.

The Sahaja Yoga course is the first course to be presented in The Centre’s first conference room shown in the photos below.




Please check back regularly for further updates and feel free to browse through The Centre’s history to date as per the log entries below.



30 September 2009: The Centre - External work complete.

After eight months of construction and painting, The Centre is complete and we are ready to start with the interior.




30 June 2009: The Centre - Nearing completion.

During June we spent most of our available time on putting finishing touches on the outside walls and patio.


To ensure we stuck to our tight deadlines, additional help was called in...




2 May 2009: The Centre - Starting final paint work.

After finishing the undercoat of the entire building at the end of April, we are ready to re-paint the structure in the final colour. Several coats will be required and we expect to spend most of May and June on this piece of work.



28 April 2009: The Centre - Under coat paint work complete.

A brilliant white under coat was applied during April. It’s hard to believe that it will be painted over with another colour, but leaving it white will cause a maintenance nightmare!



4 April 2009: The Centre - Basic construction complete.

After less than two months, the basic structure for The Centre is complete and the external undercoat can be applied. Given our limited time and resources, we are proud to have completed the basic structure in record time!  



16 February 2009: The Centre - Roof goes up.

It only took two weeks to get the basic building structure ready for the roof; an amazing achievement in deed considering the rain delays we experienced during February.  




14 February 2009: The Centre - Construction starts.

After laying and drying the foundation, the majority of walls and windows went up much quicker than expected. Everybody is in high spirits despite a few rain delays, and we are all very happy with the excellent progress made thus far.




1 February 2009: The Centre - Laying the foundation.

At Vrederus Clinic we are very excited to announce the start of construction of our new facility called The Centre. We’re launching this initiative as part of a larger project aimed to expand our existing facilities and services. Please check back regularly to follow the progress of this project.