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Flower and Gem Essences

We promote the value of Flower and Gem Essences. These essences facilitate the raising of levels of self awareness and the removing of blockages which inhibit the free flow of energy. They assist individuals in becoming self empowered, in relating with one another caringly and honestly, and in allowing clear communication with the Higher Self and the Spiritual Realms and thereby making a major contribution to the transformation and the transmutation of the planet.




Following an Aura-Soma® reading, we can supply your chosen Aura-Soma® equilibrium bottles should you decide to use them.



Green Tea

We provide Green Tea. It's described as tomorrow's medicine today.


80% of the tea we drink is black tea, and 20% is green tea. Both are made from the same leaves, but they are processed differently. The tea leaf is rich in truly remarkable substances called polyphenols, which may constitute up to 30% of the tea leaf. Polyphenols have both antioxidant and anticancer properties.


When black tea is made, the tea leaf is crushed, and these polyphenols are oxidized by enzymes within the leaf. This oxidation turns the leaf black, hence the name Black tea.

Green tea on the other hand, is first dried and heated which blocks the enzymatic destruction of the polyphenols, rendering it the far more healthy form of tea.

It also contains less caffeine than black tea.


Research has shown that green tea provides anti-oxidants, has anti-bacterial properties, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. In fact, most blood-group diets advises the use of green tea for better health.  



Tissue Salts

We can supply Tissue Salts on request. Click here for more information on the 12 tissue salts.



Colloidal Silver

We stock Colloidal Silver. Please contact us for more information.