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Metaphysics represents the highest quest of human growth and awareness.It is the Higher Science; a science that explores and exposes subtle truths, laws, tools, and techniques that can improve all levels of one’s life, from the physical to the spiritual.

Living your life in a metaphysical way therefore means to use spiritual secrets for self-development and inner-evolution, to the benefit of not only oneself, but also to the benefit of those whose lives one touches. Metaphysics, essentially, is the science of full potential living.

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Sahaja Yoga

You can experience the realization of the Highest Self, the unity of all faith and oneness of man, the peace of God “which passeth all understanding”.

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Professional Reflexology is a science, based on the principle that reflex areas exist in the ears, hands, and feet that coincide with all the glands, organs, and other parts of the body.

Reflexology is a unique method where fingers are used to stimulate these areas. It relieves tension, stimulates nerves, and improves circulation, all of which helps the body heal itself.

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By stimulating certain pressure points, we can determine where problems exist in the body, and allow healing energy to reach these areas.

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Aroma Therapy and Deep Body Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage with Aroma therapeutic oils to detoxify the body, improve lymph drainage, and leave your skin soft and smooth.

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Aura-Soma® Colour System

Learn what colour means to you on an emotional and physical level. See the interaction of colour with your energy system and discover how, for example, unexpressed feelings can cause physical problems.

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Nutritional Advice

Discover which types of food to avoid and experience better health, concentration, and work capacity through increased energy levels.

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This is a natural healing method that works with the universal life energy present in every living being. Through this method you can bring your own energy systems in balance and thus promote better health.

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Spiritual Consultation

Feel free to discuss your emotional issues in private consultation sessions.



Indian Head Massage



Animal Healing



Ionic Detox